When the going gets tough, the tough get stronger!

After having my second child, my marriage started to crumble. That’s not to say there weren’t problems before Jack came along but it only got worse after. FYI, there’s a really good chance that having kids whether it’s the first, second or fifth, will not fix a broken marriage. Just so you know! During this difficult time, I found solace at the gym. I was able to escape my reality for a little bit of time as well as the demands of being a stay-at-home mom. It was “me” time. I was dealing with a very difficult baby and did not get much help. It was always full time Mommy duty for me so even if for just an hour a day, I would head to the gym for a much needed break.  Once I fell into a routine and really started to enjoy working out, I started researching the do’s and dont’s of lifting weights and just went with it. I made some changes to my diet as well and the baby weight slowly started to melt off. I’ve always loved to eat and have had the good fortune of not being someone who packs on the pounds after every bite. But all the hard work would not have been worth it if I was eating crap all the time! So I cut out some of the bad stuff and it paid off. I had never felt better and people were noticing, which was a big boost to my confidence that had been tarnished over the last few years.  I had been living my life for my family and based around my spouse’s wants and needs but I was now taking charge of my life and doing what made me happy. My kids were of course coming first before anything but I had found something that I enjoyed and looked forward to doing every day. Before this there were many days that I struggled to get through. So for a good two years before I went back to work after having Jack, the gym was my happy place! It was something I needed to do for myself for a little bit of time each day. I can only hope that other women or even men that are struggling with something in their life can find a good outlet like I did to work off the emotions, frustrations, fears, anger and tears. And along the way I’ve learned a lot that I hope to be able to share with so many of you looking for that motivation to turn your health in the right direction.


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