Nobody puts P90X in the corner!

Going back to work was very difficult for me. It meant I had to give up that time with my kids and the opportunity that I had as a mom to watch them grow up each and every day. It was also a huge step toward me gaining some independence and financial freedom. That was ultimately why I went back to work when I did. With a busy work schedule and adjusting to life as a working mom there was not much time for the gym. It was just too much for me to try and get into a routine with my kids, work, school, day care and extracurricular activities while also trying to squeeze in gym time. So that went on the back burner for a little bit. But I had already engraved that desire to be fit and healthy in myself so I knew that I would get back to it when the time was right. I also needed to get my life in order so that meant my measly $30 a month gym membership had to be cut from the budget. My finances were a mess and I had a big amount of debt to clean up and get in order. But I did what every strong, independent woman would do. I made cutbacks on anything that I could. Not that I was a big spender as it was but when you’re in a pinch it’s the littlest things that make a difference. I worked my butt off to dig myself out of a hole. I was proving to myself that I shouldn’t be scared and that I would make it on my own . Once all was said and done and things were starting to turn around I still felt like something was missing. And over in the corner stood this big contraption of a pull up bar along with $150 worth of DVDs, resistance bands and nutrition guides. P90X was at my disposal and I jumped at the opportunity to be able to work out at home. Mind you, I am not someone who can stay motivated to workout while my couch is behind me yelling at me to take a load off. But it was my only choice if I wanted to continue to work out and for a good 2 months I did it religiously at 5 a.m. (God I wish I had that early morning dedication right now-read about my training and you’ll know why). I highly recommend programs like this. Of course, it varies person to person but if you dedicate yourself you will see amazing results. I would never use any of these programs to lose weight because for me it’s not about that. But they are very regimented, they teach great technique and educate you about nutrition which is so important. I still use what I learned in these workouts at the gym now. The workouts were tough in the beginning, but I was able to make the time for it and not spend any money out of pocket each month. I felt a huge difference in my strength and flexibility from beginning to end but like they say, all good things must come to end. And just as I was starting to get my life in order it all came to a screeching halt!!!



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