Finding a balance!

After I had my daughter 11 years ago something changed and I was all of a sudden getting really sick when I drank alcohol. I gave it time thinking that my nine months of “sobriety” had affected me and if I slowly got accustomed to alcohol in my body again I would be able to drink without getting sick or “hungover” as we liked to call it back then. But it kept happening and I would be incredibly ill in bed and completely miserable for an entire day after I drank. The headache and throwing up were unbearable enough but on top of it I always felt guilty the next day that I was in no shape to take care of my daughter. I was basically a waste of life the day after. So I drastically cut back on drinking and going out because it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Besides, I was a mom now and I had other priorities and responsibilities. I went out for special occasions when I felt like I needed a break from Mom life but always deeply regretted it the next day which would lead me to swear off drinking AGAIN! I finally decided to go to the doctor for it because these headaches were not normal. They were not hangover headaches and I was realizing they were more like migraines most likely. But I had never experienced migraines so I just kept assuming this was some kind of awful hangover or new allergy to alcohol. Ultimately, after getting tests done, we came to the conclusion that I was getting alcohol induced migraines. For those who suffer from any type of migraine, I am sure you can understand the magnitude of pain and discomfort while experiencing one. So I was happy to have finally figured out what exactly was happening and that I wasn’t just getting bad hangovers. But that also meant there was a fix and so I found Excedrin Migraine! The upside was that it helped like a God send in keeping the migraines at bay and my new found miracle drug gave me the freedom to consume more alcohol without those consequences. But there is a downside to that. Some may disagree, but when you are trying to live a healthier life, drinking can often deter you from that path as it often does with me. I am in no way any type of alcoholic but I am a single mom, who does get lonely and has more freedom now to go out with friends and family while my kids spend time with their Dad. So in recent years I’ve been going out more, indulging a bit more and just enjoying my single life. But it does interfere with that fit lifestyle I so desperately try to maintain. Overindulging tends to leave a person a little sluggish, sometimes I choose drinking and socializing over time at the gym and of course the effects that alcohol can have on your body all steer me a little off course from having THAT BODY! The calorie and sugar intake alone can be damaging and cause weight gain. And now after years of taking Excedrin to fight off a migraine every time I went over my limit, I think I’ve made myself immune to the medicine. It’s not so fun for me anymore and I’m finding myself struggling to get out of bed again after a night of drinking. It really is an awful feeling and with summer coming to a close it’s time to get the priorities straight again. Summer drinking is always tough to say no too! It helped a lot to cut back in the few months before my first half marathon in the beginning of this year. I took it very seriously and curbed my drinking down to one night a week if that and it was more of an I owe myself/reward type of drinking. But along came summer and that all changed. It was fun while it lasted but I’m within 9 weeks of my next half so time to get serious again. *UPDATE: Since this was written a few weeks back I’m currently 1 and 1/2 weeks from running my next race.


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