Now that’s inspiring!

It’s #FitnessFriday and I just read this article (link below) about Chris Solarz who will be attempting to beat a world record at the upcoming Suffolk Half Marathon that I will be running in. I read his story¬†and was blown away by his accomplishments, determination and downright awesomeness. Running 13.1 miles is enough of a challenge¬†for me but this guy is going to do it with his two kids in a double running stroller. Can you say bad ass!?! Hmmmmm I wonder if a woman has ever attempted it?! I’m not getting any ideas, don’t worry. I would have to pull a chariot for my two at this point! But this is pretty amazing and I’m looking forward to witnessing it. What a fun experience for him and his kids to do together. I’ll be lucky if I can get mine to come to the expo with me for packet pick-up. But seriously, I’m looking forward to my run, I wish everyone that is running the best of luck and I’ll be doing a race recap early next week before I head to Jamaica!! Now back to water consumption!

Witnessing a Record


2 thoughts on “Now that’s inspiring!

  1. There are some new babies coming into our family soon. Maybe next marathon they’ll let you borrow them. Good luck! XOXO


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