#racerecap and a big realization! #raceawesome #jinglealltheway #200milechallenge

My virtual challenge started on Saturday the 10th and I was a little bummed seeing all of the posts in the social media group of  who had started and what miles they had put in that day. Because I had decided to be lazy that day and not run. But I knew I had a 5k on the schedule for the next day and that would jump start my running. It was a Race Awesome event that I ran last December and really enjoyed. I ran it solo last year but this year I had my running buddy back with me for our first run together since her half marathon injury. I hadn’t done an outdoor run in a while so I was really excited to hit the pavement. I wasn’t looking for any type of PR, it was just a fun run and a good opportunity for me and the bestie to get back to running together again. Considering we haven’t run together since May and she is coming back from an injury, we ran a really good race. We even got under 30 minutes (maybe only by a few seconds) but to a runner that is big!! I was so proud and very impressed with her!!! The post-race gathering and awards are fun and I love the combination of Christmas spirit, fire pits, kids roasting marshmallows and runners cheering on other runners while sipping hot cocoa or soup. It’s a really well organized race and a great race to run to get you in the holiday spirit. I’m hoping to get my kids involved in the fun run and up my running gear game to a more fun holiday get up next year. And with that run being the kickoff to my 200 miles in 100 days challenge I’m motivated and ready for winter running. Which brings me to my realization which is that I REALLY like winter running. It was probably high 30’s that day and I absolutely loved running in that temperature! I got in another 5k this morning and ran what was probably my fastest 3 miles since I started running and I did it with NEGATIVE SPLITS!! Meaning my pace and speed increased as I kept running rather than tiring and slowing.   See!


So winter running suits me apparently. It definitely physically felt much better than those hot humid runs all summer. I will not let the temperature influence me anymore when deciding if it’s right for a run. I’m most certainly going to take advantage of the low humidity, low temp weather the next few months!! Winter running rules!!


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