Off to a great start and lots to look forward to!

This year so far has been great for my running. I know, it’s only a month in but I feel great and I have logged more mileage this month than I have in a long time. I feel like everything is starting to click and I want to eat, sleep and drink running. I even went as far as to sign up for the lottery for the TCS 2017 NYC Marathon. Slim chance of getting in but the sudden desire a year ago to run this race is the reason why I started to run so I have to give it a shot since I was unable to last year. And if it’s not in the cards for me this year I’ll try again in 2018. I hear third time’s the charm with this lottery though and who knows at that point (in 2019) how I’ll feel and if it’ll still be something I’m pursuing. If I’m not picked I have other marathons on my radar that I would like to do to see if full marathons are for me. I kinda wish I had started this running thing years ago because I’m not getting any younger and there are so many runs and races I would love to do. So we’ll see! But for now I’m just really enjoying the journey and all that comes with it. The only thing I hate is rest days and I’m coming off my two day rest period (because of scheduling issues) so I’m itching to get to the gym tonight and get in some treadmill miles. Never thought I would say I’m actually looking forward to a treadmill run. Weird! But that’s how much I’m enjoying it right now. And in about 3 weeks training for the Long Island Half marathon begins which I am so looking forward to.  I loved that experience last year from beginning to end so I’m excited to focus my attention on training again and earning that medal. I hope 2017 is being as good to everyone else as it is to me!


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