65 Miles! My highest monthly mileage to date and how it made me feel

I’m super excited about my mileage for January. Some may say wow, others may say it’s not that much. I actually even went from being totally impressed by myself in one moment to feeling like it wasn’t enough at all. I had wanted to get one more January run in last night but it just wasn’t doable so I was disappointed. And then I compared my mileage to some of the other monthly mileage social media posts I saw. Some people ran 200 miles!!! That’s incredible and I was jealous and upset I hadn’t done more!  But then I remembered we are all different and we all have different situations, different abilities, different schedules, different levels of running and are in different stages of training or not training. I’m not even in a training schedule right now and I managed 65 miles for the month which is pretty darn good. I also have to remember that I’ve only been running for 14 months and I’m 37  years old. Not that age matters but I only recently started taking my running seriously and putting in the effort to run more miles and run them faster. Some of these people have been running for years, they started younger and they are younger!!  I went from running 16 miles in November, 13 in December to 65 in January. That’s something to be proud of. From now on, I’m going to look at others and their accomplishments as motivation to be better and will not diminish my own accomplishments. I had a great month and I’m looking forward to February and crushing that number!!! I believe in myself and will conquer my goals!


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