Setting goals and taking names! Training and challenges galore!

I know it can be hard sometimes to find the time to workout. But it’s not always about finding time, it’s about making time. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I feel that if you want to get your health on track and make changes there are no excuses.



I just read a post by a new Instagram running friend that said she had done her run at 2:30 a.m. in order to get it in, get home and get ready to be at work by 7:30 that morning.  That my friends is dedication!! And while it is extreme it goes to show that when you want something you do whatever it takes.

The perfect way to start any fitness routine is by setting a goal. Run a 5k, do a 1 minute plank, lose 10 pounds, etc. It is instant motivation and may be what you need as the final push to get off the couch. Because honestly who wants to be disappointed in themselves. Setting a goal gives you incentive to reach the finish line whether it’s a goal weight, an actual race, a virtual run or a friendly challenge. I’ve managed to stay motivated and stick with my training when I have an actual race to train for.  I know myself and I know how I would feel if I went into something unprepared and unable to finish or finish strong for that matter. I won’t let that happen. Downtime between races (since I haven’t gotten to full crazy mode yet signing up for race after race) can sometimes cause you to slack off a bit. That’s why I’ve signed up for challenges this winter that continue to push me. I’m close to being finished with the virtual 200 mile challenge and just signed up for another mile tracking challenge within the awesome Sub 30 Group on Facebook that I’m a part of. It’s another method of motivation in an online community that welcomes all levels of fitness. Check it out! There are so many ways to find inspiration, to get support and to hold yourself accountable in this crazy online, social media, internet world we live in.  Use it to your advantage!


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