Fitness Friday! Be active, be present

As I work on this beautiful day and my kids are on winter vacation I wish I could be outside enjoying some fresh air and exercise with them. We did a lot this week (bike riding, the park, skiing, the boardwalk) but it’s never enough. Especially in this age of electronics it is so important to get your kids up, out and moving!! Be a role model to them and teach them to be active and to love their bodies and how to¬†take care of them. You are their biggest influence in life so lead by example. A short walk at night, a bike ride, a run around the park, a stroll on the boardwalk, a swim in the pool, a short workout video together and anything beyond are simple pleasures in life that you can enjoy with your kids that are beneficial to everybody! It’s invaluable time spent together and better than being in front of a tv or with a device in front of your faces with no conversation or interaction. We need to disconnect sometimes from these things and remember that we have legs that move, hearts that beat and lungs that breathe that we need to keep healthy¬†and be thankful we have. So I hope you all are enjoying this unbelievable February weather and quality time with your kids while being active. Let’s hope it stays like this!



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