#MotivationMonday – 2 weeks down

I’m two weeks into training for the LI Half on May 6th although I feel like it’s been weeks because of the work I did this winter on my running and speed training. I plan on giving weekly updates on Sundays but the last two weeks have kind of gotten away from me so I’m playing catch up and doing a #MotivationMonday post instead.

I had decided I was going to follow the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 training plan (Hal Higdon) as a guide but in actuality I really end up doing what works for me and my schedule. I just don’t always have time to run and workout 6 days a week. I do know that I need to up my mileage each week and stay consistent with the shorter weekday runs. I tweaked it a little bit so that at least two of the days I’m doing speed work this time around and still only running once over the weekend. So here’s what the last two weeks looked like:

Week 1

Monday-Rest Day

Tuesday-Four mile treadmill run which I struggled through a bit so my warm up pace was slow and I only did 2 x 400 meter sprints at 7:19 pace. Just wasn’t feeling it that night.

Wednesday-Did a short tempo run, warming up a mile and two miles at my goal half pace of 8:49 (this is my realistic goal for now, but if I end up with a faster or slower pace I’d be happy with that as well). The ultimate goal is just to do better than my overall time in October of 2 hours 10 minutes.

Thursday-a quick 3 treadmill miles.

Friday-Rest Day

Saturday-I should have run 4 miles but I started this run off a little fast (below 9:00 pace) and decided to see if I could make it through 3 miles at that pace (as if in an actual race) and I did so I ended up with a PR (personal record) in the 5k distance that morning.

Sunday-Rest day (which I hope to change to an easy short run day so that I’m not resting 3 days a week).

Week 2

Monday-Another rest day because Mondays are the only night that we are all home and not running around after school or work so I look forward to a “free” night and kept this a rest day.

Tuesday-I really pushed myself on this treadmill run and did 6 x 400 meter sprints at 7:30 (4), 7:19 and 7:08. These are the runs that leave me unbelievably exhausted and sweaty but that are helping make me faster.

Wednesday-I guess we’ll say cross training because I did some skiing with the kids but no running.

Thursday-4 miles of boardwalk. I’m excited to be getting outside for more runs now hopefully.

Friday-Rest day.

Saturday-I wanted to make up for the mile I cut short the Saturday before so planned on 6. These weekend long runs are supposed to be at an easy pace which I’m trying to figure out now because my paces are changing. I again started off closer to 9:00 pace which was comfortable for the most part but I was worried I would burn out. I got through 3 miles at this pace with negative splits and then really made a good attempt at slowing up a bit. Once I did that the rest of the run went well and I felt great throughout it!


I’m really blah today from overindulging Saturday night so I’m happy for this Monday rest day! Off to bed early tonight to recharge for week 3!


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