Another two week recap -SundayRunday – Weeks 3 and 4

Another two week recap because life sometimes just plans itself out for me. I thought for sure I would lay poolside at the indoor water park last Sunday and write up my week 3 recap but that just wasn’t doable. On top of getting caught up in the day with my kids, myself and my son weren’t feeling well so when I wasn’t running around a water park I had a tissue stuffed up my nose and was in no mood to use my brain to write. So here it is:

Week 3

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 4 ┬átreadmill┬ámiles which was supposed to be a good speed work run and it was anything but. Just wasn’t feeling it that night and felt like even at my slower warm up paces I was struggling to keep up. So I did 2 x 400 meter sprints and decided to call it a night with a 1 mile cool down.

Wednesday – It was becoming apparent I was having an off week. I struggled through 5 miles but knew I needed to not cut the run short so I just moved the pace up and down to keep it a little more interesting and get me through the five miles.

Thursday – I could feel it in my legs and my head that I needed a rest day. Something was off that week so I listened to my body and switched my schedule around a bit.

Friday – Usually a rest day before my long run but I felt re-energized and wanted to test out my legs so I did an easy 3 treadmill miles.

Saturday – The weather had gotten extremely cold and windy and as I’ve said before wind is the one weather condition that I can’t stand. I may have to at some point suck it up and deal with it but I felt confident about 6 miles on the treadmill so rather than struggle through a windy run I ran comfortably inside watching Dazed and Confused on the big screen and had a great 6 miles.

Sunday – I was hoping to start using Sundays to get a workout in and I wanted to get to the hotel gym but as the day went on and I started feeling worse I just knew it wasn’t happening.

Week 4

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Sick Day – Tired, head throbbing and weak so wasn’t fighting through this to get a run in. Some people do and through some colds I have but I felt pretty crappy so I took the night off.

Wednesday – Feeling a bit better I headed to the treadmill and planned a 5 mile speed workout of 1 mile up, 6×400 (7:40 pace), 1 mile down. I got through the first half of the run but started feeling a little winded so I slowed up the paces a bit to more of an 8:30 pace and finished strong.

Thursday – 3 mile outdoor run at 9:02 average pace.

Friday-Rest/Travel Day

Saturday-Rest Day-only because I was in Jersey for the day at a competition so really no time to fit in 7 miles.

Sunday -Between a competition hangover and a  change in time I was not feeling my 7 am alarm. I almost put it off until Monday (bad idea) but the stars aligned and I got free time to get the run done. For the most part felt pretty good and stayed consistent in my pace except when facing the wind so no complaints. But def putting in more work to get the pace lower and feel stronger as the miles increase.


I’m not happy about all the days off this past week but it is what it is. There are weeks that are tougher than others to juggle everything and being sick didn’t help. I’m super excited to run another half marathon and feel like my hard work is paying off but I’ve got 8 weeks to go to get better so it’s time to really put in the work! On to week 5!



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