#SundayRunday – Week 5

Running, fitness and nutrition have become such a big part of my life. I’m not perfect, I have my weak moments, my bad habits, my cheat meals, etc. but this was the year I said I would be my best self. I feel better than I have in a long time because of the changes I’ve made. But I still have some serious digestive issues during workouts (fellow runners will know what I’m talking about hehe) that I need to fix so I’ve decided to try Whole30. So this week has been all about meal planning and preparing myself for a big change (read: eating a lot of crap LOL). I’ll share my experience and recipes here as I go through the 30 days. I’m looking forward to hitting the reset button, really eating clean and seeing what results I get. So more on that to come but for now, here’s what week 5 looked like:

Monday – With a snowstorm coming I decided to make this a run day rather than a rest day because I knew running would probably not be a possibility or priority on a snow day. So I did 3.25 treadmill miles, increasing speed throughout, maintaining an 8:34 pace for most of the run.

Tuesday – Rest (snow) day

Wednesday – Had to go indoors to the treadmill again so I did a speed session but found out I’m not quite ready for 800s. So the workout I had come up with and programmed into the treadmill incorporating these intervals had to be altered a lot throughout and I just went with what speed felt right at the time doing a couple 400s at 7:09 pace. My bad ankle was sore after this one!

Thursday – Was not feeling a run today but knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go. An unmotivated run, turned into an easy 4 miler.

Friday – Happy St. Patrick’s rest day! Lots of eating but no drinking for me!

Saturday – 8 miler on the schedule which I was a little unmotivated for again. My ankle was a little sore and I was experiencing some pain in my other shin. So this was a tough run and I of course had some mid run stomach problems. I will hold on to my dignity and not share that story LOL But considering all these factors not a terrible run. Just not one of my better ones.

Sunday – Resting the sore legs even though I have 6 miles left of my 200 mile challenge. It’ll have to wait, my training for my half is more important and I’m not risking injury for 6 miles.

This next week I get a break from the long run on Saturday and am supposed to run a 5k. Unfortunately scheduling issues have me pulling out of the actual race I signed up for which I’m so disappointed about but I’m happy to have a week off from the long run. I think my body needs it. So I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday and get ready for my Whole30 and week 6.






Friday – Rest Dayof eating


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