#SundayRunday -Week 6 plus the start of Whole30

This week was a little crazy for me and one of my normal workout days had to be given up for another commitment. I also started the Whole30 and I’m not gonna lie, it was tough. Now that I finished my winter challenge and I don’t have to commit all of my gym time to running so I also started doing some weight training again. But that had a little more of an effect on my half training than I would have liked. Here’s how the week went:

Monday -rest day

Tuesday-finished off my 200 mile challenge with 6 miles on the treadmill and no real workout planned. I just needed to get through the 6 and not aggravate my ankle or shin too much. Kept the paces pretty consistent throughout between 8:30  to 9:30 minute miles. I had a little bit of extra time so did a few different squats, leg presses and curls without overdoing it. Or so I thought. But I had not weight trained in so long that was all it took. Lol

Wednesday – unplanned rest day because mom duty called.

Thursday- considering I could barely lift my legs to walk I knew any sort of speed or distance was out of the question. So I headed out and did two easy miles just to get the legs loose.

Friday-I rested still really sore legs.

Saturday- my intention was to get up early and run a 5k as the schedule called for. I had entered a race but again Mom duty called so couldn’t make it. I had somewhere to be early and I overslept too much to be able to get the run done. Rescheduled my own run for Sunday.

Sunday- ran my fastest 5k that included my fastest mile to date so I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t get to do that in a race setting. I have no idea if I would have placed in my age group as it is a small race still but I would like to have at least tried. Oh well! Still PR’d and that’s what matters!

It was not my best week mileage wise but that sometimes happens. Probably better as I was figuring out this Whole30 thing and how to follow the program but still give myself enough fuel for running. I do feel great and can already feel a difference in my digestion and the issues I was having with it. I guess there was something that wasn’t agreeing with me but what that is has yet to be determined. For now I’m dairy, gluten and sugar free and not putting any of the nasty crap that is snuck into foods into my body. Only clean, whole foods! I’ll post some recipes tomorrow that I’ve made that are delish!! Enjoy your week!


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