Some #Whole30 Cooking and Recipes

I decided to try Whole30 because I needed to make some changes. It’s had its hard moments like not driving thru Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick breakfast on the way to competition and not having dessert at a family party over the weekend. 90% of the time I eat pretty healthy.┬áThat’s not to say that the things I was eating had ingredients, preservatives, and sugars in them or were from a certain food group that could be causing me ailments I would never have thought are, i.e. dairy. I’ve learned a lot about what is put into my processed food and what to look for that could be the trigger for my digestive issues. It’s tough and it’s time consuming but I know it will be worth it in the end. Here are a few of the recipes I’ve made so far:

Moroccan Chicken Burgers

I changed this up a bit and left out the sriracha, white pepper and carrot. I used ground ginger as well and did not make the sauce. I have yet to find or try to make the whole30 compliant mayonnaise so the garnishes and a little hot sauce were fine with me. And obviously no bun.


Hearty Vegetable Soup

The only change to this I made was that I left out the balsamic vinegar because I did not have a compliant kind. This ended up looking a little more like a chili but still yummy!


Paleo Cauliflower Fried Rice

I haven’t made this yet but I’ll be leaving out the Coconut Aminos (couldn’t find them) and will substitute red onion for the green onions.

Breakfast Bake

Last week breakfast was tough. It was a lot of omelet type meals with some veggies thrown in. I have to find more breakfast items without eggs or I will cause myself to never eat an egg again at this rate. But I made this and it was soooooooo good!! The veggies I used were broccoli, red onion, white onion and string beans. I had forgotten to grab an extra veggie or two like spinach as it called for in the recipe but what I had worked and it was delicious!


Rosemary and Lemon Chicken and Potatoes

This was the first thing I made. Kept it nice and simple and easy. Really good and easy.

So it’s the start of week 2 and I’m hoping to hold out at least until Easter. That won’t be a full 30 days but close enough and when you’re going to someone’s house for brunch it’s hard to request their foods and menu be compliant so we’ll see. It was easy to do at my mom’s brunch yesterday but not so much with a big group. Comment with any questions!


2 thoughts on “Some #Whole30 Cooking and Recipes

  1. When I had to go gluten less during my first pregnancy due to gestational diabetes, breakfast was my downfall. I got so sick of eggs but I was definitely better off. I know you can’t do gluten but a crustless quiche is easy to make and easy to reheat in the morning. I never found a good breakfast that didn’t include gluten out eggs. Can you do oatmeal?


    1. No oatmeal but can make a combination of ingredients that resembles oatmeal. It was just never my thing unless it had walnuts in it so I’m hesitant to try that. I’ll see about a quiche type of recipe. Thanks!


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