#SundayRunday – Week 7, Down 7

Not all weeks, runs or workouts are going to be great. I’ve known that and I’ve struggled before but it is still always disappointing and discouraging when it happens. I feel really good about my┬átraining so far and haven’t had a problem with distance but getting faster in those distances just doesn’t seem to be happening. I’m putting in the work but I know it’s not an overnight development and it takes time so I’m trying to be patient and let it happen naturally. But it was an up and down week for me, here’s why:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 5 mile treadmill run (1 w/up, 6×400 @7:30 pace with 400 RI and 1.25 down) followed by legs and core.

Wednesday – Was really looking forward to an outdoor run and was scheduled for a 7 mile tempo run. I don’t always stick exactly to the training schedule I’m following and I knew that I wasn’t going to have time for 7 miles but man the 3 that I did do were terrible!! I couldn’t get my pace up for anything because my legs just felt like 100 pound weights. I wanted to at least do 5 but there was no way that was happening. I push myself when the workout is hard and it’s supposed to be because that’s where we get our strength from but this one was just not ok.

Thursday – Running outside was intimidating me a bit and while the weather right now is great for running something was telling me I’d feel better going to the treadmill. I took it nice and easy and did my 4 miles, feeling better than I did Wednesday. And with 9 miles on the schedule for the weekend I went home and used the new foam roller and stretch band I bought and decided I would rest, roll and stretch until then.

Friday – Rest, Roll, Stretch

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 9 miles on the schedule and these are the runs I look forward to. It leaves you with a feeling afterwards that’s hard to describe. I would have liked to have run faster but longer training runs are supposed to be at an easy pace so that’s where I kept it. The last two miles I pushed myself but felt pretty good to the end.

I’m finishing up week 2 of Whole30 and as of Wednesday I was down 7 pounds and have been fully committed to the program without giving in to even a piece of gum or the lick of a finger with icing on it. You’re technically not supposed to weigh yourself until the end but since I’m not doing it to lose weight and I always randomly weigh myself, I was curious! It still ain’t easy but a lot of cravings have subsided and I feel great! Recipes to follow!


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