#SundayRunday – Week 8

Not the week I was hoping for leading up to a school vacation week but I did what I could. I registered for my half, signed up for a virtual 10k (because there are no races in the area the weekend I’m supposed to race) and now it’s crunch time. I still have some things to figure out with my long runs but in the meantime here’s how my week played out:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Four mile progression run because I had one hour to fit in a run so quick progression run it was. Hit paces 9:40, 9:22, 8:49 and 9:30.

Wednesday – My planned workout had to be put off due to a conflict with something for one of the kids so unscheduled rest day.

Thursday – Another unplanned rest day. I could have gone to the gym at 8 p.m. like I had intended and even got dressed for before the school science fair but I knew I could run all weekend so I opted for Shonda Thursday instead 🙂

Friday – 4 treadmill miles with intervals. 800s at 8:08 pace with active recovery intervals at 9:40

Saturday – took a spin class that was so fun! I haven’t done much cross training this training cycle and while I could have gotten in a short run I chose to do the bike. Was just in the mood and it was a great start to Saturday! Drenched is an understatement!

Sunday – I usually try to get my long runs in on Saturday and get it done and out of the way but I also have to work around weekend plans so had to do another Sunday long run. 10 miles on tap which got downgraded to a 10k due to running interruptions, one of them being my stomach and the hunt for privacy on the side of the highway, which is just becoming really old really fast. I’ve gotten my diet under control and am feeling better on a regular basis but I think the depletion of electrolytes is really the major factor in what is happening while I’m running. Next step, try some salt tabs during the long runs. Praying this helps!! It’s all trial and error and figuring out what works for me and my body so next weekend hopefully I’ll know. Not much time left before my half to figure it out. Stay tuned.



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