Whole30 Update

I haven’t been as strict this week which goes against the concept of completing the program for 30 days with absolutely no cheating but it’s served its purpose so far and I’m near the end so I was not a maniac over spring break with my kids trying to eat totally Whole30 compliant out at restaurants. One thing I did realize and know as I’m coming to the end of this is that I am most likely going to need to reduce or eliminate gluten and dairy is questionable. I am definitely going to try and control my sugar intake because most of the weight dropped I’m sure had to do with that.

I’m still keeping the majority of my meals this week Whole30 compliant but Monday I went off the program at lunch and I paid for it. A turkey and avocado panini with sweet potato fries (not horribly off the program except for cooking oils and the bread) made my stomach hurt later on so I can only guess that it was the bread. Tuesday I had a piece of a street vendor pretzel to keep from collapsing of starvation until we were able to sit down for lunch and then went with Gluten free pasta as my meal and really had no issues with how I felt later in the day. But other than that I’ve been continuing to stick with it and these are the meals I made for the week:

Sweet Potato Brussel Sprout Breakfast Hash


Potato and Kale Soup

soup 2

Shepherd’s Pie

I didn’t have any of the veggies on hand that it suggested by the time I got around to making this so I did without the celery and carrots but do wish that I had peas to add to this. It was a little bland but nothing a little hot sauce can’t help.

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara


I haven’t had any success in finding Whole30 compliant bacon so I used Prosciutto instead which made for a fine substitute.

So I’m going to continue to do my best for the remainder of the 30 days (6 to go) and only really see Easter Sunday as a day I might need to go off my Whole30 a little bit but it will definitely not be an all out binge and break from the program. I’m glad I tried this and if I fall back into my old eating habits I would have no problem doing it again. It’s 30 days of my life that I gave up ingredients and foods that do more harm than good and it has made a difference for me. I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body and what is having an effect on it. I’m a fan of Whole30!


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