#SundayRunday – Week 9

I was worried about this week and my training with it being spring break for my kids. But I know with only 3 weeks to go I couldn’t fall too far off the training plan. I stuck with it best I could and even got in an early morning run before our big city trip. It’s amazing how easy it is for me to get up and run when it’s starting a day I’m looking forward to. Because I’ve tried two other times this past week to set my alarm to get up and run before work and it just doesn’t happen. So here’s what my week looked like:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 4 early morning progression miles (9:25, 9:02, 8:42 and cool down at 9:18). I HAVE to start doing this more especially with summer around the corner and marathon training starting in the next few months. It’s my favorite time to run, but for some reason it’s just so damn hard to do it before work. When I’m not excited about the day ahead it’s harder to get out of bed. Ugh that needs to change!

Wednesday – I was all dressed to go to the gym for speedwork while my kids were at baseball practice but I felt drained that day and my mood was terrible after some arguing with the kids all day. I was mad and unmotivated and it was a beautiful night to just sit around watching baseball so I skipped my workout.

Thursday- I went to the track for the first time in a long time. All of my speedwork has been on the treadmill but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to run outside. I used a programmed workout that I had put in my watch a while back so I wasn’t sure what exactly it was and I was a little disappointed at the end that it stopped me at 4.25 miles. So I’ll fix that for the future but all in all it was a decent speed sesh with my 400s coming in at 1:47, 1:46, 1:57, 1:50 and 1:46. 1 mile w/up and 1 c/down.

track 2


Friday – Rest Day and went on the hunt for salt tabs that I thought they would have at Walmart but to no such luck. I was having anxiety about my long run and how my stomach would hold up. The last thing I want is for this to take the joy out of running and it’s something I have to figure out ASAP.

Saturday – I had a bit going on earlier in the day so my long run was scheduled for the afternoon. Not the way I would prefer but really my only option and since it’s not too hot yet the temperature in the late afternoon isn’t an issue. It’s just the anticipation thinking about it all day that I don’t care for. I made a last minute decision to change my route to one where I knew there would be bathrooms around. I made a stop at GNC to pick up some Liquid IV (not on the Whole30 plan) since I hadn’t found the salt tabs.  I was hoping and praying this would help with what I think is an electrolyte depletion during long runs that causes the cramping and bathroom stops. I filled up my water bottle and started my 10 miles. I felt really good the first few miles with some negative splits and a pace close to 9:00 which is where I would like to be for my half. But around mile 4 the wheels started falling off the bus! And it was my fastest mile so it’s easy to see I was trying to get to a bathroom. Pit stop 1! I started back up again but wasn’t able to get my pace back where I wanted it. I  still kept it in the 9:30 range and then at mile 6 I needed a bathroom again. I was getting really frustrated and upset but I continued my run and really talked myself through not giving up and finishing the 10. It was a slower last couple of miles than I would have liked but the frequent stops tend to mess with my head, my pace and tighten up my legs. Mile 10 was a real fight! And just as I was trying to finish up those last couple of hundred yards I needed a bathroom again but this time wasn’t near an open one. I ran in circles, almost in tears, just to get my 10 miles which makes the need for a bathroom worse. Once I hit the 10 miles and could walk I started to feel a little better and was able to get in the car and head home. It wasn’t pretty and I’m taking any suggestions to try and remedy this issue because it really is becoming quite the distraction. The next attempt at preventing this from happening will be Imodium before the long run and salt during the run. It’s all trial and error but with my half only 3 weeks away I’m desperate to figure this out so that I’m not slowed down again by port-a-potty stops! Any suggestions welcome!


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