A Late #SundayRunday with a little pity party thrown in- Week 11

I missed a week 10 update because honestly there wasn’t much to report.  I never got in my long run (11 miles) due to over scheduling on the weekend so I was bummed and I didn’t feel like talking about it. But I had to move forward and not dwell on missing this run. My training plan still had another long run (12 miles) this past weekend so I wasn’t too worried about missing one weekend. But it’s always a bummer and can mess with your mental focus when you feel like you’ve gone off track.  I bounced back and had some great midweek runs so that helped bring my confidence back.  I figured I would get that final long run in before race day this past weekend but I made a poor decision.  Here’s what happened:

Monday – Rest day – This should have been a run day considering I hadn’t run since the Wednesday before but my kids need this one night to be home, have a good meal, do homework like normal kids and just gear up for the week.

Tuesday – 5 mile progression treadmill run that felt really good and reassured me that a few days off doesn’t hurt as much as I think it might.

Wednesday – 5.5 mile outdoor goal pace run that felt amazing! It boosted my confidence and was one of those runs where I felt like I could go on for miles. Fingers crossed this is what race day feels like!

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – The alarm was set for 5:30 (per the usual attempts at early morning runs lately) but I need to work on not talking myself out of getting up to run.  It just feels so wrong in that moment as if there is no way I’ll be able to warm up and get my body moving so after I solve all my math problems to get the alarm to shut off I still turn over and go back to sleep. Yes,  I’ve gone to that extent that I set an “Extreme Alarm” which gives you math equations to solve in order to shut the alarm off. It’s supposed to help you get out of that grogginess and more awake so you’re less likely to fall back asleep. Clearly, it’s not working! LOL So after the next alarm set for 6:15 and a quick 5 minute snooze button I felt guilty and decided that with only one kid home who I had to get moving and packed up for the day I could do a quick run and still get us out of the house on time. So 2.25 miles is better than nothing!

Saturday – Rest Day –  I wanted my Friday night to go out and have fun at our school PTA fundraiser. It had been a while since I had a night out or drank at all for that matter. I had no intention of over doing it and staying out late but the liquor got the best of me and I was out well past the time I should have gone home. I’m normally a beer drinker but I think that gluten may be the cause of the migraines that I get from alcohol so I drank one of the only things they had which was gluten free to try to prove my theory. But I forgot how much of a different drunk liquor is than beer and I overdid it. Nothing crazy but in pretty bad shape on Saturday which had an effect on Sunday and my planned 11 miles.

Sunday – I woke up still feeling somewhat crappy. Physically I was tired and definitely not hydrated enough. Mentally I was mad at myself for having overdone it Friday night and acting somewhat stupidly. I should have known better and been more careful with how much I was drinking but I was having fun and got caught up in the moment. So it took me a while to get moving in the morning and I had a baseball game to get to. I was already defeated before I left the house and just said to myself – run until you can’t run anymore. I knew I wasn’t going to finish 11 but I knew that if I didn’t at least try it was going to make me feel that much worse. So I ran a slow, sluggish 6 miles. But I was honestly surprised I even made it that far.

I wasn’t going to give an update because my mood has been pretty down in the dumps since the weekend. But I have three more short runs before my half this weekend and I need to stop being so hard on myself. I have trained really hard and put in a lot of work so I should not expect the worst but I should have spent the last two weekends getting a little more prepared so I won’t be expecting my best either. I’m really excited for this race so I’m going to use that momentum to get me through the week, get a few more shorter runs in and have fun this weekend being part of another great event. We all make mistakes and sometimes let our goals get a little out of sight. But I’m as ready as I can be and looking forward to my third half marathon!!



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