It’s #marathon training time! My #trainingplan and why I chose it!

I literally just set up my Garmin calendar with all of my runs/workouts and the anxiety and excitement have set in along with a little bit of panic. In a good way!  Most training plans are 18 weeks but vary in difficulty, frequency of runs and types of runs (speed, tempo, hills, etc.). A lot depends on your level of fitness as well as what your goal is.  I decided on the Hanson marathon training plan and set my start date as July 3rd. But I felt like I was slacking a little too much from running since my half marathon in May so I “added” two weeks on to the plan to get the mind and body back to running more before the actual training plan started. But with the end of school year craziness going on it’s been a little difficult to really focus on running. So it’s time to get serious now and really start sticking to the plan.

I chose this plan because other plans were giving me a little more anxiety when looking through them and seeing the multiple 20 mile training runs towards the end.  Many people feel that in order to run the 26.2 miles of the marathon you need to get in those 20 mile training runs. Because if you run 20 you can push through the last 6 on the actual day of the marathon. The Hanson method is a little bit different in that the longest run is 16 miles but the amount and length of your other runs throughout the week makes up for keeping that “long” run a little shorter. I’ll be running the same amount of miles in a week as a plan with the 20 mile long run just broken up differently. And that made me feel a lot better! It’s a lot of time and days and work to put in using this method because the weekday runs are longer but I think it will work for me. I guess only time will tell and if I find myself struggling then I will adjust the plan accordingly.

Here’s what my plan looks like: Training Plan

I picked this plan also based on the goals I’ve set. I’ve got my A and B goals and am going to hope for the best but will adjust anything I need to as I go through these next couple of months of training. My A goal is to Boston qualify which is a bit of a stretch but hey you gotta go big or go home! My B goal is to run a 4 hour marathon. That’s definitely more attainable and may end up being my only goal in the end. If during training I feel like I’m not hitting my paces, getting in enough runs or struggling to put in the time needed for my A goal then I will definitely make adjustments. Who knows I may run this marathon and never want to run another one ever again so Boston may not matter! We shall see!



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